Thursday, April 5, 2012

Marcos Papercraft

I've just visited a papercraft blog . Besides NadaskProject' blog , here is the one you can find cool Dragon Ball paper models from .
I have a folder copying up-to-now models here : Marcospapercraft .

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dead Master

Finally , there's someone released Dead Master Paper model. Thanks Fruity - the Author. Found it from My Papercraft

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The link water-marked is toward a shop from a biggest network of shoping in China : Taobao . You can find any thing there. I used to buy from them .

Nobiemon on my desk. It costs about 12.5$ ( shiping included ) directively from the factory in China w/ full seal.

Wanna see another price ? Here.

Tsukasa Hiiragi Miko Version Papercraft

From My Papercraft

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Yuyuko Saigyouji

Found it from My papercraft .

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Dear friends , if you like these models from this author : lili . You can buy online from taobao . Here is the shop , have a look at this :

Moekami : Lance Quest Reset

Well, why is her name Reset ? Released by Moekami. I found the name "Lance Quest Reset" from . Another interesting papercraft homepage .

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Dragon Ball- Nadaskprojects

Sorry for my late response. But i've been updating my files of papercraft work.
Here are all models up to now of Dragon Ball characters from NadaskProjects.

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1. Vovó Uranai.

2. Trunk .

3. Gohan :The Sayaman.

4. Frieza.

5. Trunk teen.

5. Vegeta Super Sayan 4

6. Cell 1.

7. Kid Boo .

8. Pui Pui .

9. Frieza 2. ( not yet downloadable )

New Miku model from

Paperworks has released a new model of Miku Hatsune , you can download here .